Frequently asked questions

(Frequently Asked Questions.)

Will you send me the item in the photograph?

We will send you the goods that are as similar to the ones in the photograph as possible.

How do I remove an item from my basket?

An item can be removed from the basket by choosing  number “0” and pressing the “OK” button. The entire basket will be emptied by clicking the button which says “Empty cart”.

How long does it take to deliver the goods abroad?

In case of delivery to Germany, Austria and Slovakia please allow for five days.

Your website does not work. Why is that?

For trouble-free functioning the following browsers are recommended: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome in their current versions. Also, having cookies permitted is important as well as unblocked running of the scripts.

I cannot manage to pay by my payment card. Why is that?

Your payment card must be permitted to do online payments. It is essential to have enough money in the bank account. Your bank account must not be overdrawn. Your computer has to meet the requirements for trouble-free functioning of the website.

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