Versatile Gemstones

Gemstones help us rest, and what better way is there to rest than a hot stone massage.

Šperky a výrobky z přírodních drahých kamenů.

In these hurried times, relaxation is needed more than ever, and one of the best ways is a warm hot stone massage. Lie down comfortably, listen to slow, relaxing music and enjoy the marvellous feeling of the massage.

Just heat up the hot stones in warm water and place them one by one on the tense muscles. This massage is the ideal way to share romantic moments with your loved one. The hot stones will help you relax your muscles and mind and reduce stress. The massage will leave you feeling invigorated and happier.

The most common gemstone shapes for massage are either a smooth oval or a wand. Use the stone in your hand to massage the body in slow circular motions. You can choose from different methods to find the one that’s ideal for you, and remember that your intuition and intelligence are the most important. The most frequently used gemstones for massage are quartz, rose quartz or amethyst.

People have been using stones for decoration for several thousands of years. The Emperor Charles IV founded the first school for gem cutters in Central Europe in Prague. During his reign, gemstones were also searched for and collected in our lands.

Drahé kameny se využívají na výrobu šperků a různých výrobků.

Every gemstone is different and original, just like every person. In the eshop eshop you can find a complete offer of authentic natural gemstones: jewels, gifts and other kinds of products. Since this eshop is based on a wholesale company with 20 years of history behind it, we can offer you wide variety of products, which are always in stock. All the stones in our store have been carefully selected and are therefore of the best quality. You can choose from pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as silver jewellery, statuettes, boxes, gemstones used for healing (such as massage stones or lava stones) and other gemstone products. Our most popular products are heart pendants, moldavite pendants, Buddha power bracelets, shungite, and rose quartz products.

Šperky z přírodních drahých kamenů.

With this variety of goods it is easy to create your own personalized jewel collection according to your preferred colour or style.

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